FileMaker 18 is here, with new functions to improve the development and databases maintenance processes.
The import data interface was redesigned and allow us to match faster the source table fields with the target table fields. Before, for tables with more then 1000 fields, we spent much time to find a field. The new interface allows us to find a field by typing his name.
When FileMaker Pro Advanced starts, it can open an application. This simplifies the installation process of an application on the users’ computers.
New script steps were added to manipulate files, like verify if a file exists, rename a file, verify if a file is already opened, open a file, read from or write to a file and close it. No more need to install a plugin to manipulate a file.
The «Set Error Logging» script step allows recording in a file if errors happen during the execution of a script. As a developer, I remember how difficult it was in the past to develop a server-side script, without a tool to log the errors.
The «While» function adds logic to a recursive Custom Function.
The security in a FileMaker application was also improved. The «Manage Security» dialog box was redesigned. Before installing a plug-in, FileMaker verify if it comes from a trustworthy source. In a new file is activated, by default, the option to prevent other FileMaker files to access the data and schema.
In the FileMaker Server Administration Console, new tools are implemented to monitor the databases.
Like FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go can open an application at launch.
Furthermore, FileMaker Inc. gives us some clues about the evolution of FileMaker: a new cloud platform, FileMaker Cloud, will be offered directly from FileMaker, Inc.