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ProLogiqueDesign develops custom FileMaker applications.
As a Claris Partner, we use our knowledge and expertise to develop a new application in accordance to your requirements or to improve and add new features to your application.
If you would like to improve the management of information concerning customers, quotes, invoices, timesheets, material stocks or the management of other information specific to your area of activity, we can help you to implement an application tailored to your needs, so you can manage all of this data and find it right away, when you need it.

A FileMaker application works on both Windows and Mac computers. We can also create lightweight models, which will be easy to read on iPad or iPhone.

FileMaker environment

Database server:
Runtime environment on the user’s device:

Mac, iPad, iPhone & Windows PC
FileMaker Server
FileMaker Pro ( Mac / Windows PC )
FileMaker Go ( iPad / iPhone )

About us

ProLogiqueDesign specializes in custom development of management applications for companies in all industries.
In a competitive market, each company creates specific strategies to distinguish itself from its competitors. To achieve its objectives, each company needs tools tailored to its action plan.
ProLogiqueDesign develops software solutions to help companies to improve their work processes, to focus their resources on ongoing projects and to make forecasts for future projects.


Stefan has 28 years experience in developing management applications, including 17 years on the FileMaker platform.
Throughout his professional career, Stefan has developed major projects for clients in services, health, real-estate, industry and metallurgy. Passionate about his work, Stefan pays special attention to each detail, in order to optimize and improve the processes.
Stefan is certified with FileMaker Certified Developer from 8 to 18.

Stefan Martinescu
Analyst Developer

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